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  Chemistry at Western

The Chemistry Department at Western offers courses for students who plan to major in the physical and life sciences. The department offers majors in chemistry and biochemistry, both approved by the American Chemical Society. Courses are designed to emphasize the fundamental principles of chemistry and their application to observed phenomena, to develop scientific reasoning, to reflect chemistry's interdisciplinary nature, to develop laboratory skills, and to prepare students for success in industrial positions or graduate/professional programs.

Western has prepared alumni for a variety of careers, including scientific research, medicine, teaching, environmental science, and materials science.  We emphasize hands-on experiences, both in the classroom and in faculty-directed research projects. 

Research opportunities for students include areas such as natural product synthesis, computer modeling, chemical education, nucleic acid chemistry, synthesis of novel metal complexes, laser spectroscopy, surface chemistry and catalysis, materials science, and peptide synthesis.

2014 Linus Pauling Medal Award

Stephen L. Buchwald, the Camille Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has been awarded the 2014 Linus Pauling Medal Award, for "outstanding contributions to chemistry meriting national and international recognition." Link to 2014 Pauling Symposium.

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Department of Chemistry MS-9150
Western Washington University
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  Tel: (360)-650-3070