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Chemical Hygiene Plan

A Chemical Hygiene Plan gives a working framework for the safe operation of both instructional and research chemistry laboratory.

The Chemical Hygiene Plan must include:
  1. The individuals who are responsible for safety and health in the laboratory.

  2. The procedures used in the laboratory to protect every person's safety and health, such as:
  1. Emergency procedures
  2. Storage and handling of hazardous materials
  3. Proper disposal of hazardous materials (waste)
  4. Departmental laboratory clothing/PPE* policy
  5. Methods of training workers

*PPE: Personal Protective Equipment; i.e. goggles, gloves, masks, lab coats, etc.

Copies of the Chemistry Department Chemical Hygiene Plan are available in the Chemistry Office (CB270) and in the Chemistry Stockroom (CB150)

All of your instructors and laboratory assistants, and all students doing research in chemistry, will have had training in the accepted procedures and policies of the Department as specified by the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

The Chemical Hygiene Officer for the Chemistry Department is our Stockroom Manager. (CB150, 650-3149.)